Method of Piling Concrete Pile

Sheet pile concrete by CMI Limited Co is one type of sheet pile made of reinforced concrete. Sheet piling itself is a building material that is installed in the ground to hold the soil of different heights so that landslides do not occur, or it can also be used to hold water from entering the dug hole.

Method of Piling Concrete Pile:

• Determining the Stake Point
Before driving, we first need to determine the exact point where the sheet pile will be installed. To do this, we can use tools such as Theodolite or Waterpass.

• Anchor Installation
After the point is obtained, the next method of laying concrete sheet piles is to install anchors. The anchor itself is a kind of piece of iron that serves to strengthen or tidy up a building structure. The anchor installation in the erection process aims to be a place to place the guide beam so that it can stand upright and parallel to the predetermined straight line. Usually, before engaging in the erection process, a site survey has been carried out in advance to obtain details of the project location, including determining the alignment level line.

• Guide Beam Installation
A guide beam is a supporting tool so that the sheet pile can stand upright. The installation of this guide beam also serves to assist the installation of sheet piles and facilitate the installation process when the sheet pile is hit using a hammer.

• Lifting of Sheet Pile Piles

In the method of erecting a concrete sheet pile, the position of the pile installation must be calculated based on the moment of the pile weight itself. If the piles are long, several points need to be taken to reduce the length of the piles that are not supported. The process of lifting piles for concrete sheet piles usually uses HPSS cranes. But beforehand, it is necessary to first measure the position of the lifting point so that there is no damage or fracture to the pile during lifting.

• Installation of Wale Steel CNP and Tie Road

The function of installing this tool is to anticipate that the stake will remain standing in place and not shift because the nature of the soil can change at any time.

• Cutting of Sheet Pile Residue

The last stage in the method of erecting a concrete sheet pile is to cut the remaining length of the concrete sheet pile that is not uniform or which is at the base of the planned height. Although the size of all sheet piles is the same, the soil structure in each place is different, so it is possible that the distance to hard soil is different in each place.